Deka Vs Deka (3DVDS+BD+CD) - Plantever
Deka Vs Deka (3DVDS+BD+CD) - Plantever

Deka Vs Deka (3DVDS+BD+CD)

Maximum The Hormone
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Maximum The Hormone brings a set of 3 DVDs, a Blu-ray, and a CD. Video works includes a concert of "Yoshu Fukushu Tour" held at Zepp Tokyo, documentaries, unreleased concerts from "Jigoku Ezu" held by them on an irregular base, music videos "Koi no Superuma (outside festival ver.) & "my girl" ("CHITSU" jump ver.), and many more. The CD is a new version of their rare first album "Mimi Kajiru," which is currently out-of-print. They rerecorded tracks for this new version. Also comes with three bonus items.