Kabuki Dance Tamasaburo Bando Fuji Musume - Plantever

Kabuki Dance Tamasaburo Bando Fuji Musume

Japanese culture
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In the sixth and final volume of this series, Tamasaburo Bando dances Fuji Musume. First performed in 1826, Fuji Musume, the “Wisteria Maiden,” features the spirit of the wisteria plant, transformed into a bashful and romantic young woman. In the town of Otsu a painting of the Wisteria Maiden catches the eye of a male passerby. As he gazes into the painting, the wisteria maiden becomes so infatuated with the man that she comes to life, stepping out of the painting to dance. She writes heartfelt letters, but the letters go unanswered. The dance expresses the depth of emotion of her unrequited love, eventually leading her to sadness and despair. Heartbroken, she re-enters the painting, where she remains in the last pose of the dance. With Optional English Commentary by Paul Griffith. Optional Japanese Commentary by Kentaro Okuda.