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Repackaged edition of "BLACKPINK," the debut mini-album in Japan from BLACKPINK. Comes with a DVD, featuring their performances in "PREMIUM DEBUT SHOWCASE" at Nippon Budokan on July 20. *This is a "Sumapura Music" & "Sumapura Movie" compatible product, which enables you to listen to and view the contents on a mobile device in addition to CD and DVD players. [Recommended System Requirements] iOS7/Android4.0 or later. *This service expires two years after the release date. [Important Notes for "Sumapura Music" & "Sumapura Movie" compatible product] No refund is possible after this product is sent. The record company has designed and optimized "Sumapura Music" & "Sumapura Movie" for the market within Japan and registration at "Sumapura" site, available only in Japanese language, is required. They do not guarantee that it works outside of Japan.