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Rent-A-Cat (Renta Neko)

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Blu-ray release of the film "Rent-a-Cat (Renta Neko)" directed by Naoko Ogigami of "Kamome Diner," "Glasses," and "Toilet." Stars Mikako Ichikawa. Plot: Sayoko is an anything-but-ordinary woman who rents cats to lonely people. Some of the renters include an old woman who lost her husband and her loving cat, a middle-aged man who moved away from his family for work, a woman working at a reception desk and questioning her existence, and a man who has a connection with Sayoko. As she helps to fill their spiritual voids, Sayoko also changes little by little. . . Comes with a bonus disc with making-of slide show, talk between Mikako Ichikawa and the director, and more plus a 12-page booklet, and a card.